August 8, 2020

Deadline to Complete Survey on Economic Status, Future of Old Lyme, Sept. 27; Open to all Residents, Business Owners/Operators in Town

OLD LYME —The Old Lyme Economic Development Commission (EDC)  reminds all residents of the town and anyone who operates a business here to complete their online survey regarding the current economic condition of our town. The deadline for submitting responses is Friday, Sept. 27. The survey is available by scanning the QR code at left or visiting:

The EDC would like to understand how you view the Town’s current economic condition and hear your ideas for the future. For example, the EDC wants to know what attracts both residents and business to Old Lyme, and the important issues facing the town from your perspective. For business owners, the EDC wants to hear how the Town can better support you now and in the future. The survey results, combined with other ongoing initiatives, will help define the Town’s economic development strategy.

All responses will be kept confidential, with results presented in a final report by the EDC. The Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC), a nonprofit economic development firm, will collect survey results, carry out the analysis, and prepare the final report.

Asked for his reaction to the increased attention being directed to economic development in Old Lyme, Halls Road Improvement Committee Chairman BJ Bernblum responded, ” “The Old Lyme Board of Selectmen is taking seriously the economic health of the town.  A few years ago it formed the Halls Road Improvements Committee and this year it revitalized the Economic Development Commission.” He continued, “Under the dynamic leadership of co-chairs Howard Margules and Justin Fuller, the EDC is working with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center to analyze the current state of Old Lyme’s economy and to recommend ways to ensure a sound future.”

Bernblum added, “CERC’s first undertaking is a town-wide survey of businesses and residents, critical to getting an accurate understanding of how our taxpayers feel about the status quo and the issues that need to be addressed,” concluding, “I strongly encourage everyone to complete this survey.”

Editor’s Note: Read our previous article at this link to understand more fully the mission and goals of the Old Lyme EDC.


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