June 6, 2020

Reward Offered for Finding Lost Dog From Lyme, Possibly Spotted Recently Outside Coffee’s

This beautiful dog, Dexter, is still missing.

Dexter, a 10-year-old dark brown (with white spots) German Shorthaired Pointer mix, has been missing for several weeks now. Dexter is generally friendly, but he may be frightened and disoriented at this point.

A possible sighting of Dexter in a blue SUV was made at Coffee’s Country Market on Boston Post Rd. on Friday, July 5. It could have been a different dog, but the woman who reported it said it looked very much like Dexter.

Another photo of Dexter, who is missing.

The last definite sighting of Dexter was near Hamburg Cove on May 22, when he was wearing a collar with nametags and rabies vaccination tag. He also has a microchip.

Please share this and if you have any information on Dexter’s whereabouts, call Richard Gordon at 617-549-2776 or Andrew Barker at 617-669-7195.



  1. Carol Brevard says

    Has Dexter been found yet?

  2. Hope that the dog is soon found. Also hope that the signs will come down soon.

  3. Carol Maynard says

    If you don’t find your dog,contact Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery on FB. Nicole who runs it has an amazing Rescue percentage. She has caught dogs lost for weeks,months or longer.I would highly recommend her.You can also google her.

  4. I hope that Dexter is found and safely returned to his owner. And, I feel that most of the residents of SE CT are intelligent & caring enough to contact authorities if a stray is found in their neighborhood.

    Over the years we have taken in a few, including fronting the vet bills for a dogs that showed up at our back door and looked worse for wear.

    I do object to the robocall telephone blast from the LostMyDoggie dot com service concerning Dexter. We don’t live anywhere near Hamburg Cove and multiple robocalls calls are being directed to both our home phone and to our cell phones, one of one of which a thousand miles away! We receive dozens of useless robocalls a week, each proposing it’s own interpretation of fraud. We don’t need more.

  5. Worried for Dexter says

    Any news on Dexter? Still praying for him.

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