September 17, 2019

All About Opossums; Potapaug Hosts Talk in Old Lyme This Evening

Potapaug Audubon will host a talk on the Virginia Opossum, Thursday. Public domain photo.

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 6, Potapaug Audubon hosts a slide presentation titled, “The Virginia Opossum,” starting at 7 p.m. in Old Lyme’s Memorial Town Hall with ME, Barbara Hawes, a wildlife rehabilitator with the state of Connecticut for 21 years, specializing in exclusively opossums for the last 14 years. She is also a Potapaug Audubon board member.

The opossum is quite misunderstood. There will be answers to these questions:

  • Do they “play possum”?
  • Are they related to rats?
  • Do they hang by their tail?

Plus numerous other facts will be revealed that most people do not know.

All are welcome.

Old Lyme Memorial Town Hall is at 52 Lyme St.


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