August 14, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Ziobron Confirms her Commitment to ‘Bipartisan Good Faith,’ Explains Her Reasons for Running

To the Editor:

As a moderate, I‘ve been open in my belief in working in a bipartisan good faith. It has been a cornerstone of my philosophy of public service. This was evident in May of 2018, when State Representatives from both sides of aisle spoke, unsolicited, of their experiences working with me in the State House. These comments were public and broadcast on CT-N.   I used those clips in a $375 video to answer the Needleman campaign’s recent spate of vitriolic attacks, soon to be disseminated in a $86,000 TV ad buy.  This is something my opponent can do because, unlike me, he is unrestricted by the rules of our Citizen’s Elections Program.

While out meeting voters in Colchester, a woman’s comment pulled me up short: why was I running at a time of such partisan divide?  My  reaction caught me off guard as much as the question.  I felt tears suddenly welling up and had to take a moment to compose myself.  I wanted to answer with sincerity.  I spoke to her of my passion for our community.  Of my earnest desire to protect our beautiful vistas and natural resources.  My appreciation for the volunteers that make our towns run and how I love our home state.

I can’t ignore how this question touches a recent fault line: in letters to local papers some have expressed upset that I used a personal photo in a campaign mailer that happened to include prominent local Democrats. The photo wasn’t captioned, it was standard campaign material: a picture taken during my tenure as President of Friends of Gillette Castle State Park in 2011 with a newly appointed State official.  It’s regrettable to me how some remain committed to fanatical partisan division at a time when we need to work together.


Melissa Ziobron,

East Haddam.

Editor’s Note: The author is currently the State Representative for the 34th District and is now the endorsed Republican candidate for the State Senate for the 33rd District.


  1. Andrew Gibson says

    I was excited to see a communication from a local candidate who is seeking my vote. Her signs are ginormous and on every street. Reaching across the aisle is “healthy” and thank you for that promise. I too am a moderate Republican and believe that once this Country’s nervous breakdown is over, and it will be over, both sides will realize and voters will insist that settling somewhere in the middle on most issues is the optimum place.

    With that said, I was raised by Depression-era parents who taught me “never spend money you don’t have”. I am a fiscal conservative through and through and it pains me greatly to see the hyper-corrosive economic and social effects that budget deficits, high taxes, and an exodus of the smart and capable burden our great State. A State under financial pressure is no different than a family under financial pressure. Much pain ensues, a crescendo is reached, the bills are settled and the social health issues begin to heal.

    It would be meaningful to understand your views about the Elephant in CT’s Room — the State’s fiscal crisis. Which by the way, was caused by many Administrations of both stripes. How can you and your colleagues rewind to1991 when CT was at the top of the heap in terms of rising incomes, rising home values and job opportunities for all? A

    Andrew Gibson
    Lyme, CT

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