August 4, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Caring Carney Deserves Another Term

To the Editor:

On Nov. 6, I would encourage the voters of Lyme and Old Lyme to support our state Rep. Devin Carney for re-election. Devin has proven himself to be a strong leader at the Capitol, becoming ranking member of the powerful Transportation Committee in only his second term. He has worked hard to improve our economy with structural budget reform, reduced spending and reduced bonding.

In addition, he truly cares about Lyme and Old Lyme and is always there to help maintain our quality of life. He frequently holds office hours and is always there to listen to our concerns. When policies are proposed that threaten our municipal tax structure or take away our local control, Devin is there to support and defend us. He has been a staunch advocate for open space and environmental issues, including supporting a Constitutional Amendment that will protect environmentally precious land.

Devin Carney deserves another term and I know the residents of Lyme and Old Lyme would be well served if he is re-elected.

Rowland Ballek,



  1. On behalf of gun owners, “he won’t be getting our vote.” Not endorsed by CCDL as he clearly does not value the 2nd Amendment.

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