November 13, 2018

Old Lyme Zoning Commission Hosts Final Public Hearing on Affordable Housing Proposal Tonight; Last Chance for Public Comment But Vote at Meeting Unlikely

The Old Lyme Zoning Commission hosts what must legally be the final continuation of the Public Hearing on the proposed 37-unit Affordable Housing development at 18-1 Neck Rd. (formerly 16 Neck Road) this evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School auditorium. There are two separate applications for 23 and 14 dwelling units known respectively as River Oak Commons I and II, both of which have drawn significant attention and consequently become major talking points in the town.

In response to our question as to whether the Commission will vote at tonight’s meeting on the proposals, Zoning Commission Chairman Jane Cable said in an email, “The commission has 65 days from the closing of the public hearing to deliberate and vote. Because the info (sic) usually comes in right before the hearing, I can’t see us voting on 9/10. Also, the public comment portion continues so long that very little time remains for deliberations.”

The first Public Hearing drew over 500 people and the second over 300.

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