November 15, 2018

Blood Drive to be Held Today in Honor of Lisa Russell, Seriously Injured LOLHS Grad ; Event Also Raising Awareness of Need for Durable Power of Attorney

Pam Russell (left) stands with daughter Lisa sometime previous to the serious accident Lisa sustained in the spring in Boston. Pam is a language teacher in Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School. Lisa graduated in 2007 from Lyme-Old Lyme High School.

Volunteer Notaries Public Sought to Assist with Effort at Event to raise Awareness of Importance for People of ALL Ages to Establish Durable Power of Attorney

The Town of Old Lyme is hosting a very special Blood Drive at the Town Hall on Friday, July 6, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  This Drive is dedicated to a former resident of Old Lyme, Lisa Russell, who is in her twenties and was seriously injured in an accident in Boston in the spring. Her father is Andy, who serves as Chairman of the Old Lyme Board of Finance and her mother, Pam, is  a Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School language teacher.

Lisa, who was a member of the Lyme-Old Lyme High School Class of 2007, has undergone many surgeries since the accident and is currently being cared for at different times by a rehabilitation center and Mass. General Hospital.

Here are the sign-up sheets that have been created for anyone who wishes to volunteer for the blood drive.

First is the sign-up sheet for the registration table and the Canteen. The registration table will involve checking people in for their appointments, and giving them any pre-donation paperwork that they need to complete. Working the canteen will mean helping people after they’ve donated, generally donors are asked to sit at the canteen for at least 15 minutes after their donation to eat and drink something. Volunteers here will help by getting donors snacks and drinks and keeping an eye on them for any signs that they may need to lay down for a minute. If you have medical credentials (RN, MSN, APRN, etc.), your skills may be helpful in spotting a donor at the canteen who may need to put their head down a little sooner than other volunteers might see.

The second sheet is the sign-up for anyone who would like to donate some food to the canteen. These donations can be pretty much anything, It is asked if you are making something at home that you provide a list of ingredients in case any donors have food sensitivities or allergies. The Red Cross generally provides juice and water, and easy to grab snacks like Cheese-Its, Oreos, granola bars, Fig Newtons, etc. The preference therefore would be for less processed items like homemade breads and cookies, or mini sandwiches to be donated.

And the most important part of this drive is signing up to donate blood, if you’re eligible.

Also, on July 6, Lisa’s sister, Kim, is campaigning for people to complete durable power of attorney paperwork during the drive — this is paperwork that allows a family member to pay bills, and so forth, when someone is incapacitated for any reason. It is a document that would have helped Lisa’s family take care of some essentials for Lisa without forcing them jumping through hoops.

The document needs to be notarized, so the Town is seeking any local notaries willing to donate their time to this worthy cause on July 6.  If you  are able to do that, then contact Cathy Frank at the Town Hall at 860-434-1605 x 210.

Also, please spread the word if you know of anyone who might be able to assist.


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