December 11, 2018

Old Lyme Selectmen Schedule Public Information Meeting Tonight, 6pm, on Blight Ordinance

The Old Lyme Board of Selectmen approved a Proposed Blight Ordinance to address the many concerns expressed by citizens about blight in the community. The proposed Blight Ordinance was approved after many meetings with land use officials, including the Zoning Enforcement Officer, the Fire Marshal, the Building Official, and Sanitarian, to ensure that the final document was what was needed and best for our community.

In addition, it has been reviewed with the Town Attorney to assure compliance with State Statutes.

The Board of Selectmen has scheduled a Public Information Meeting to review the Proposed Blight Ordinance with interested residents and voters, and to afford an opportunity to comment on the proposed ordinance.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 12, at 6 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Hall.

Printed copies of the ordinance will be available at the meeting, but can also be viewed online at this link.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, readers are invited to share your thoughts with the Selectmen by emailing the Selectman’s Office at this address or or by writing to the board of selectmen at 52, Lyme St., Old Lyme CT 06371. All comments will be shared with the members of the board of selectmen.



  1. This ordinance seems to be a solution in search of a problem, true ‘Blighted Premises’ as depicted in the proposed ordinance are rare in Lyme, Old Lyme & East Lyme. Properties in the process of finding new owners are generally appropriately cared for. The proposed ordinance appears to be strictly punitive instead of applying community resources to determine and assist neighbors who may have difficulty in reasonably maintaining appearances.

    The ordinance itself needs work and should be cleaned up.
    Several terms appear in ‘Section 3: Definitions’ that are otherwise not used in the ordinance.
    Other terms are self-contradicting, for example ‘Overgrown . . . trees.’ What’s an overgrown tree, all trees are overgrown, that’s what they do are only Bonsai trees allowed.
    In attempting to define a ‘Blighted Premises’ the proposed ordinance mixes truly horrible conditions along with others that may be used to maliciously harass a property owner.
    For example a single ‘unused’ bicycle, boat, camper, motorcycle or RV constitutes blight. Many park their boats & RV in driveways for prolonged periods of time, and are only used for a few Summer months. And, who is verifying that a bicycle or other vehicle is unused?
    Stagnant water also causes a property to be blighted. I agree with good housekeeping to prevent mosquito breeding. But according to the proposed ordinance, any amount of stagnant water causes a Blighted Property.
    ANY amount grass over 10″ high defines a Blighted Property.
    Overgrown shrubs, hedges, and plants also defines a Blighted Property, but this is very subjective and may be abused.

    There is a typo in your link to the proposed ordinance. You can find it here:

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