November 12, 2018

Politics, Power, Policy … and US First Ladies: Old Lyme Library Presents Intriguing Talk at 1pm Today

Professor MaryAnne Borelli of Connecticut College.

Throughout the history of the United States, first ladies have routinely been influential members of the presidents’ inner circle. The Old Lyme-Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library hosts a fascinating prsesentation Saturday, Feb. 3, at 1 p.m. titled, ‘Politics, Power and Policy: The Modern First Ladies.’

MaryAnne Borrelli, who is a professor of government at Connecticut College, will discuss the politics, policy, and power of the presidents’ wives throughout the modern presidency and their contributions to their husband’s administrations. Come and enjoy a conversation that is both historical and timely, examining the contributions of the men and women who have won the White House.

Borrelli, a graduate of Wellesley College, Boston College and Harvard University, joined the faculty of Connecticut Co in 1992. Her research focuses on gender and the U.S. presidency, and she has participated in the White House Transition Project, which has mentored both Democratic and Republican White House staff members.

Borelli is the author/editor of several books and articles with her most recent book being The Politics of the President’s Wife.

Register for this event at this link.  Admission is free, all are welcome.

For more information about the library, visit this link.


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