May 20, 2019

Letter to the Editor:  Generosity of Florence Griswold Garden Gang Appreciated

To the Editor:

As we approach year’s end I would like to recognize the kind generosity of my friends and colleagues on the Florence Griswold Museum’s Garden Gang. The Garden Gang is a volunteer group of women who maintain and nurture the museum’s incredible complex of historic gardens. Note that although currently comprised wholly of dedicated women, the group is also open to male gardeners.

One Friday morning we were discussing, over mulch, the “dilemma” of teachers working in 2017 in many Connecticut public school districts where budgets are often stretched to the limit with only limited state contributions. So, teachers must frequently supplement essential school supplies with out-of-pocket purchases.

My daughter teaches first grade in New London at the Early Childhood Center at Harbor School and, like many other teachers, makes a weekend stop at office supply or discount department stores.

To make a longish story short, boxes and bundles of paper and other supplies began arriving regularly on my porch courtesy of Garden Gang members; and then made their way to her first grade.

I thank them for their generosity and their immediate assistance in improving the daily learning experience of first graders at Harbor School.

See the following article about the Garden Gang in Connecticut’s Historic Gardens:


Christina J. Gotowka,
Old Lyme.



  1. Dini Mallory says


    Thank you for sharing this simple story of quiet generosity. It’s Christmas, community and love all wrapped up into a perfect little story with a bow on top as lesson for all of us!

    Dini Mallory

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