December 14, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Reemsnyder, Nosal Offer Sound Leadership Combined With Future Vision for Old Lyme

To the Editor:

Exercising you right to vote is crucial, especially when you live in a small town. Having experienced, knowledgeable leadership with a vision for our future is most important. We have that here in Old Lyme with First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder and Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal. Together they have worked hard to keep a strong surplus, while also maintaining a Mill rate much lower than most of our surrounding towns.

Bonnie and Mary Jo worked tirelessly to stop Amtrak from rolling through our historic district.

They spearheaded improvements of the streetscape and handicap accessibility on Hartford Avenue. Besides these enhancements and others that Bonnie and Mary Jo have made in Old Lyme, the indispensable quality of this team is their experience. Before Bonnie was elected First Selectwoman, she served on the Board of Selectmen for several years. Therefore, she started her position with an understanding of our town government and how it functions. Since Bonnie and Mary Jo have held office, they have collaborated with area towns and their leadership, giving them a network of know how. The point is, when you are looking to have a job done right you hire the people with experience! The only candidates this election with the experience to do the job right are First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder and Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal. Vote Row A onĀ November 7th.


Marisa Hartmann,


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