August 21, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Planning Commission Chair Endorses Hard-working, “Thinker” Kerr for Old Lyme Selectman

To the Editor:

Chris Kerr is an intelligent, hardworking individual with integrity, a personal approach to people and dedication to the Town of Old Lyme.

For decades, I have known Chris personally, professionally and as a volunteer in service to the Town of Old Lyme.  Chris is a “thinker” and not a reactionary.  Chris’s approach to situations is very professional as Chris works to identify the source of a concern and then strives to define and implement a reasonable resolution.  Beyond the Planning Commission, Chris also has extensive experience as a member of the Old Lyme Board of Finance.

As a member of the Planning Commission, Chris has actively supported changes to the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) that supports planned growth for the Town of Old Lyme.  Recently, Chris has actively supported proposed changes to the POCD that encourages changes in Old Lyme land use regulations that would simplify applications to modify shoreline residential structures to comply with FEMA standards.  I believe that Chris is a valuable resource and as Selectman, would make a tremendous contribution to Old Lyme.


Harold Thompson,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is the chairman of the Old Lyme Planning Commission.



  1. Bob Pierson says

    I have known Chris since the day he was born, he was brought up in a family that always supported the town and ways to make it better. Harold’s letter is spot on.Good luck to Jude and Chris today.
    Bob Pierson

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