March 25, 2019

Old Lyme Historic District Commission Recommends BOS to Initiate Historic Survey

Following on from the Op-Ed by Gregory Stroud, the Executive Director of, that we published late last week, there has been some important activity on which we need to update readers.

First, as we have already reported, theĀ Old Lyme Historic District Commission (HDC) added an item to their agenda for their regular meeting Monday morning titled, “FRA (Federal Rail Authority) Update.”

Stroud attended the meeting and reported back to us as follows, “I spoke with the Old Lyme Historic District Commission this morning. We had a friendly, productive discussion, and the board voted unanimously to recommend that the Old Lyme Board of Selectmen, at their next meeting in two weeks, initiate a new historic survey.”

A delighted Stroud commented, “An important step, and we very much appreciate the support of the HDC on this critical issue!”


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