May 24, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Carter Ready, Willing, Able to Lead, Manage Old Lyme

To the Editor:

This is politics.  Media and mailers, resume challenges and even personal grievances are expected.  That being said, one should not diminish a person’s educational background and employment history.  It is this type of judgmental attitude that prevents volunteers from stepping up, feeling that they’re not educated enough, they don’t work/have the right job, or their pedigree is inadequate.  A person’s mind, opinions and capabilities are limitless.  It is the passion one has that will lead to their success.

When you set aside the usual quarreling, tit for tat personal views and opinions the independent thinkers will vote November 3rd that:

Managing a town takes more than simply creating committees.   We have 22 commissions in town, some with sub-committees and some with vacancies or expected vacancies depending on the results of the election.  There are committees to discuss salaries, pension, public works, and even committees that are designated to specific neighborhoods-all listed on the town’s website.  These committees and commissions need a strong and respected manager that can communicate timely and effectively, demands accountability and seeks immediate resolution and solutions to discord.  We depend on our volunteers to help our town be the best it can be.  Volunteers, just like employees, look to our Manager to ensure deadlines are met, costs are monitored, ideas are appreciated and projects and charges are completed. 

Managing a town takes more than borrowing or being awarded free money.  Really, is anything “free” anymore?  Once the money is in, it is how it is spent.  Asking for an accounting is unacceptable.  Monthly reporting to ensure expenses are not incurred beyond a budget is common business practice.  Concerning the WPCA issue, the attorney’s finding was that the additional invoices were not invoices but an “outline of the costs of additional services…not expected to be paid immediately.  So, where will the additional money come from to pay these future costs that are relative to a design study/plan, not the project itself?  Remember, the plan is to design a budget for the work that has been done and needs to be done in order for a project to be approved and/or implemented.  The actual project is subject of “free” money, not the planning process.

Every project needs a manager.  Every town needs a leader.  Cathy Carter is ready, willing and able to be our Selectwoman.


Stacy Winchell,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is a Republican candidate for the Region 18 Board of Education.