May 24, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Reemsnyder/Nosal Listen to Residents, Implement Improvements

To the Editor:

As the Reemsnyder/Nosal power duo readies for its third victory, I think back how true leadership reversed trends perpetuated by their predecessors. Old Lyme had become accustomed to a barrage of lawsuits from numerous lake and beach residents; all of them no-win for the town. The coastal areas were driven to pollution status by town laws supposedly authored for returning clean water to the aquifer. Numerous school plants and facilities reached embarrassing condition levels before any renovations began.

In contrast, Reemsnyder/Nosal have listened to all homeowners concerned about the value of their property. They have used forward thinking to reverse the environmental harm done to water front communities and they supported the seamless high school renovation,
the timing of which impacted taxes in the least possible way.

Superior schools, clean environments, home value protection, and modest tax increases are reasons we need to stand behind the Reemsnyder/Nosal team in November.


Paul Gallo,
Old Lyme.