October 21, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Change At Top Will be Good For Old Lyme, Read Is Right For Selectman’s Job

To the Editor:

The Old Lyme Selectman’s election will soon be upon us and it’s time for a change. “Time for a change” is not just a typical or trite campaign slogan but a concept that is at the very core of our system of democracy. Change brings fresh and innovative ideas to our government. Jude Read embodies the change that is needed for Old Lyme. She comes from the private sector and is filled with community spirit for our town. She exemplifies the character of our founding fathers.

From the beginning of our nation, leaders thought of their efforts as community service. Washington, Jefferson and Adams all had a life outside of government. They knew what it was like to run a farm, tend to a business or hone a skill. They brought their successful experiences into government service and that is exactly what Jude Read will do.

Today, unfortunately, elected officials look at their office, whatever it might be, as a lifelong job. Most would agree that this is not a formula for good government and it follows that continuing the current administration in Old Lyme will not be best for our town.

Change can only be good if it is a change for the better and brought by a thoughtful person. That person is Jude Read. She is a strong, practical and down to earth person. Her experience is deep and varied. Here is someone who served on the Old Lyme School Board, the Old Lyme Board of Finance, the Old Lyme Historical Society Board and is presently on the MacCurdy Salisbury Educational Foundation Board.  I have worked with Jude and can assure all that she will bring her years of experience, her grasp of the Town’s needs and her no nonsense, realistic approach to bear beginning on her first day in office and every day thereafter. I guarantee that Jude will take good care of the people of Old Lyme.


Siesel (Bud) Canaday,
Old Lyme.