October 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Reemsnyder, Nosal Are ‘Minding the Store’ in Old Lyme, Listening to Community, Saving Taxpayers Money

To the Editor:

Old Lyme’s Sound View Improvements project is mischaracterized and misunderstood by Sloan Danenhower in his letter printed in The Day on 10/22, and in LymeLine.com on 10/26.

This long-desired project is not funded by the State.  Rather, a federal transportation reimbursement grant, contractually signed before the project began, covers 80% of the cost of the improvements.

The project has local and regional support by our 17-Town Council of Governments. The bi-partisan Sound View Improvements Committee held numerous public meetings and informational presentations for the public; and the voters overwhelmingly approved the plan and design and construction at Town Meetings.

Sound View has received no significant attention in decades until the current Old Lyme administration was elected.  With this valuable grant, construction will cost the town only $182,220.  However, new ADA-accessible sidewalks and drainage alone would have cost taxpayers about $500,000 without the grant.

The infrastructure project was completed substantially under budget, allowing for 80% reimbursement for improved road drainage and paving of the project area, making it safer to drive and bike now, sewers are years away.

Reimbursements are being received regularly, and some residents are improving their property too as a result of the project.  Bringing more bicyclists and pedestrians to Hartford Ave. will provide economic opportunities for the community.

There is no doubt that this Administration is “watching the store,” listening to the community and saving money for taxpayers.


Angelo Faenza,
Old Lyme.

Editor’s Note: The author is a member of the Sound View Improvements Committee and a Sound View resident.


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