October 21, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Old Lyme Town Government Needs to be Managed Better, Outsourced Less

To the Editor:

Issue: Poor management from the First Selectwoman’s office may result in the outsourcing of Old Lyme’s police services to the Town of East Lyme.

Background:  Over the last few years poor decisions have created low morale within the ranks of our Town’s police.  This has led to the filing of numerous grievances that cost the Town thousands of dollars and resulted in the resignation of two police officers – 33% of our local force.  To make matters worse, our First Selectwoman did not replace the officers for 14 months!

Consequence:  Countless shifts were not manned or were filled by State Troopers at about double the hourly rate of our own police.  Unfilled shifts put the citizens of Old Lyme at risk and put our police at risk, due to inadequate backup.  Police legal costs last year were an astonishing $31,000, and the Selectman’s legal budget was overspent by 60%.

Solution:  The solution to the police issue is better management; not outsourcing or spending thousands of dollars on lawyers.  Jude Read and Chris Kerr will supply that better management and are committed to improving morale and keeping our police services LOCAL.

Action:  Vote for Jude Read, First Selectwoman, and Chris Kerr, Selectman, on November 7th.


Timothy Griswold,
Old Lyme

Editor’s Note: The author was First Selectman of the Town of Old Lyme from 1997-2011.


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