October 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Reemsnyder, Nosal So They Can Continue Doing Good For Old Lyme

To the Editor:

For 6 years, the community of Old Lyme has benefited from services of Bonnie Reemsnyder as First Selectwoman and Mary Jo Nosal as Selectwoman. This team of dedicated businesswomen has  brought modern business practices to town hall and installed a culture of transparency. They have shown the courage to face contentious issues, such as the long- delayed beach septic problem, and have attracted state substantial money to enhance our parks, beaches and rivers.  By far the most significant achievement is that the Reemsnyder- Nosal team stared down the hapless federal government’s ill-conceived railroad bypass project, and turned it around in its tracks. We can all agree that the initial plan concocted by the FRA would have destroyed this community’s most valuable asset, and left the town an economic and social wreck.

Professionalism and diligence in forming and presenting a convincing argument against the bypass turned that train around. Relationships forged over the years with state and federal officials were critical in achieving this community-saving victory. Don’t throw away the respect Reemsnyder and Nosal have worked so hard to build. It will continue to serve us well. Vote Reemsnyder and Nosal on November 7.


Candace Fuchs,
Old Lyme.


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