April 20, 2018

Formica, Carney & Reemsnyder Request FRA to Host Public Meeting in Old Lyme

In another development regarding the proposed train route, State Senator Paul Formica (R- 20th) sent a letter dated July 14, co-signed by State Representative Devin Carney (R-23rd) and Old Lyme First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder to the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Future Program Manager Rebecca Reyes-Alicea asking her to meet with them in Old Lyme to discuss the “many questions and concerns, which we feel have not been properly addressed by the FRA (Federal Rail Administration).”

The letter continues, “There is much worry in Old Lyme and the surrounding communities regarding the potential disruption this plan provides, which is why we would appreciate a conversation as soon as possible.” ¬†Formica then states, “It is our belief that this bypass proposal is the wrong approach and will create a disturbing level of damage, especially for the people, businesses, history, culture and environment of Southeastern Connecticut, specifically Old Lyme.”

Finally, Formica asks Reyes-Alicea to “attend a public meeting in Old Lyme in the near future to provide information to everyone potentially affected and to answer questions from concerned citizens.”


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