May 20, 2018

‘The Bowerbird’ Seeks Help to Select Next Annual Donation Recipient

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In a few short weeks, The Bowerbird located in the Old Lyme Marketplace on Halls Rd. will be selecting a new recipient for their 2015-2016 gift wrap give-back program.  Usually, this is a closed process; however, this year the store is soliciting suggestions from their customers and readers.  Do you have a favorite non-profit that could benefit from some extra funds?

Eligible organizations must be registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit 501 (c) organization, be located in Connecticut or have a Connecticut chapter.  In addition, they are not eligible if they have previously received funds through the store’s gift wrap program.

For a complete listing of past recipients, visit

The Bowerbird pioneered ‘cause’ marketing when they created their gift wrap donation program in 1992.  In the past 22 years, The Bowerbird has donated over $71,000 to 27 statewide and local non-profits proving that small businesses can make a difference.

The current recipient is the Children’s Medical Center located in Hartford.

The 2015-2016 year’s wrap donation program will begin Nov. 1, 2015.

For more information, stop by The Bowerbird in the Old Lyme Marketplace.


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